We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled lifeguarding solutions, quality assurance, professionalism, compliance, and unmatched reliability with competence at every turn. If you need expert lifeguard services for your event, you can rent a lifeguard from V-Shield Asia for complete peace of mind.


V-Shield Asia

Elevating Water Safety to Excellence

At V-Shield Asia, we offer Lifeguard Services Singapore and comprehensive training programs for future lifeguards. Our competent and professional lifeguard team ensures quality assurance, exceeding industry standards. Whether you need to hire a lifeguard for an event or a private lifeguard for personalized service, we provide unparalleled lifeguarding solutions with unmatched reliability and compliance.

At V-Shield Asia, our dedication to achieving 100% satisfaction among employees and customers optimizes our workforce, ensuring they operate at peak performance.

Experience the difference as our motivated and committed team elevates your water safety standards to new heights with competencies recognized beyond Singapore. Our lifeguard water park services expertise ensures unparalleled safety and enjoyment for all visitors.

V-Shield Asia

What Sets us Apart?

Employee Recognition and Job Satisfaction

"V-Shield Asia acknowledges the challenges prevalent in the industry, including the occasional...

Unmatched Lifeguard Credentials

V-Shield Asia prides itself on the professionalism and expertise of our lifeguard team, each holding the esteemed Bronze Medallion....

Professionalism Redefined

At V-Shield Asia, professionalism is the cornerstone of our lifeguarding services. It goes beyond mere expertise, encompassing integrity..

A Culture of Commitment

At V-Shield Asia, we cultivate a culture of commitment that surpasses industry standards. Imagine lifeguards......

V-Shield Asia

Continuous Improvement Through Values

Safety: Safety isn’t merely a duty; it’s our inherent responsibility. With our presence and lifeguard aid, confidence in aquatic safety reaches new heights.

Ambition: We are committed to revolutionizing lifeguarding, making it essential for safety and well-being rather than just a routine task. Our focus is on providing top-notch aquatic lifeguard services while keeping our fees reasonable. We strive to enrich the livelihoods of our lifeguards, ensuring they are valued and empowered in their roles.

Focus: Focused on excellence, we prioritize quality training programs and continuous improvement. Our shallow water lifeguards are expertly trained to meet customer needs, ensuring both employee and customer satisfaction are addressed.

Excellence: Our commitment to professionalism encompasses rigorous quality assurance, business excellence, and clear communication, ensuring the highest aquatic safety standards.

Tenacity: Our steadfast dedication sets a new benchmark for safety in Singapore, reshaping perceptions of lifeguarding excellence and ensuring your safety remains paramount.

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V-Shield Asia

Services that Exceed Expectations

Pool Lifeguarding

Ensure your pool's safety with our lifeguards, trained beyond basic standards and constantly measured for quality. For regular supervision or a lifeguard for private pool party, our professionals guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience.

Event Lifeguarding

Elevate your events with our lifeguard coverage, adding a layer of safety that doesn't compromise the fun.

Lifeguard Training Programs

Invest in safety with our lifeguard training and lifeguard course programs, designed to equip individuals with life-saving skills through the acclaimed E&A syllabus.

V-Shield Asia

Hire Lifeguard for Pool Party

Planning a pool party in Singapore? Ensure safety and peace of mind by hire lifeguard for pool party from V-Shield Asia. We specialize in providing professional lifeguard services for pool parties, beach events, and birthday celebrations across Singapore, ensuring your event is not only fun but also safe and secure. Our lifeguards are trained in the latest techniques and protocols, ensuring prompt and effective response in any situation. Contact V-Shield Asia today to hire lifeguards who prioritize water safety and enjoyment for all your guests.


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Engaging V-Shield Asia for lifeguarding services provided me with peace of mind. During a recent casualty incident, their responsiveness and professionalism were exemplary. Their team, led by Karan, the Project Focal Point, supervised the entire onboarding process with precision and unwavering commitment. I felt reassured knowing that I was in capable hands, and their swift, expert response during the incident further solidified my trust in their services.

Bernice Chua

Coordinator, WNU Events (Why not US!)


There are many Lifesaving Training Centers out there (Lifesaving 1,2,3 BM,AM), but the complexity to enrol, the waiting time and more frustrating is the unresponsive nature of many out there causes you to lose the moementum to develop yourself. V-shield (BIG SHOUTOUT TO CHAN) is super responsive, very patient with answering queries and made my dream come true to become a lifeguard! And now i work for them too (part-time) where it has empowered me to earn a very decent salary for much shorter hours, enabling me to study for my diploma without draining myself. More than anything, their communication to staff is amazing, motivating us to be the best! Thanks homies!

Yanni Lee

Student, Nanyang Polytechnic, Nursing


V-Shield Asia deserves an outstanding 10-star rating! When faced with a last-minute crisis due to another company’s sudden inability to meet our needs, V-Shield Asia stepped in heroically. Jas and his team quickly arranged for lifeguards, saving our event with just days to spare.

Their lifeguards were not only professional but also remarkably reliable. Despite some guests perhaps enjoying themselves a bit too much, the V-Shield lifeguards managed the situation with the finesse of seasoned professionals, all while maintaining a vigilant watch over water safety.

V-Shield Asia sets the bar high in their industry, excelling in every aspect of service. Their reasonable pricing is just the cherry on top of their exceptional performance. Thank you, V-Shield Asia, for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our guests, even in challenging circumstances!”

Bernard Ong

Shipping Executive, PetroMAS


Having worked in Australia and New Zealand for 8 years, I’ve always noticed the stark contrast in lifeguard quality compared to Singapore. However, my perspective has changed dramatically since V-Shield took over lifeguarding at my alumnus pool in my JC. They’ve not only elevated the standards in appearance and vigilance but also in engagement and readiness with First Aid equipment. This level of professionalism instills confidence in pool users, especially learners. Congratulations to Team V-Shield for setting a new standard in Singapore’s lifeguarding services!

Jason Chua

Director, Scalability Expert


V-Shield has been a game-changer for us! After years of frustration with unreliable outsourced lifeguarding services, they’ve brought a breath of fresh air into our business. With them, trust is no longer an issue, allowing us to focus on what we do best without anxiety. Even in today’s challenging HR landscape, V-Shield’s promises are always fulfilled, sometimes with the management rolling up their sleeves and joining the lifeguard team! It’s seamless and fun working with them. Cheers, V-Shield! 🎉

Grace DeWITT Castro

TSL, Head of Training Programs


I owe my continued existence to V-Shield Asia’s lightning-fast response during my choking incident. Without their quick thinking and composed handling of the situation, I might have ended up as a casualty after choking on a beef bone during our company’s retreat at a poolside bar. 

A huge thanks to Praba, whose keen intuition and immediate action saved the day. He recognized my symptoms from a distance and leaped into action, performing the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge the beef bone. True professionals, they are, and I wholeheartedly endorse their unwavering commitment to safety and excellence.

Dylan Dug, World Central Kitchen

Head Of Logistics